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Major Business Area

Yamada Sangyo is a Japan based trading company dealing in raw materials for the ceramic industry.
Sale, Purchase, Import & Export of…
 -Chemical gypsum   (flue-gas desulfurized gypsum, phosphogypsum, titanogypsum, 
    refined gypsum, acidic gypsum, fluorinated gypsum etc.)
 -Natural gypsum 
 -Blast furnace slag 
     (Granulated blast furnace slag, Air-cooled blast furnace slag)
 -Steel Slag
 -Copper Slag
 -Iron Slag
 -Zinc Slag
Lime products, magnesium hydrate
Chemical products
Shipboard fuel oil
Arrange and organize…
Global shipping
Domestic coastal shipping
Cargo shipping using trucks
Warehouse operation and related business
Non-life insurance agency
Lease and management of real estate propertie
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