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President greetings

President Hiroyuki Yamada
Hiroyuki Yamada,

President and Representative Director
Yamada Sangyo Co., Ltd. 

Global trend of deregulation has been intensifying the global competition and the speed of liberation and diversification has been accelerated in various areas of industry. 
To keep up with the trend, we, Yamada Sangyo, believe that the new age would be "Environmental Century", and have committed ourselves as our mission as "To revive the inherent power of the environment by improving soil and water quality." 
In 1939, we became a first pioneer of introducing chemical gypsum to cement companies in Japan.  As many technological changes had been taking place during the period of Japanese rapid economic growth, chemical gypsum had also enjoyed the benefit of these innovations. 
Based on this history and innovations, we will achieve our goal to contribute globally through developing environmental technologies in various areas.  
We will continue to commit ourselves in getting trust and support from our partners through our daily business activities.
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